About Worldbridges

What is Worldbridges?

Worldbridges is a network of individuals and organizations that use live, interactive webcasting and other new media technologies to help people connect, learn, & collaborate. Our 'community of communities' includes   EdTechTalk.comKoreabridge.net, PuentesalMundo.net,  Webheadsinaction.org,  WebcastAcademy.netEFLBridges.net,  and many other sites in  various states of development.


   We value civility and respect, open source collaboration, fair distribution of income, and a sense of world identity.
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 History (short version)

Worldbridges began as a vision of a global network of homegrown webcasting.  After years of experimenting with non-interactive webcasting and trying to envision how a homegrown webcasting network would function, production of live, interactive webcasts actually began in May of 2005. Since then, a variety of sites, shows, and communities have evolved.  In addition to helping this new media of webcasting evolve and developing our component communities, Worldbridges is currently focusing on creating the policies and infrastructure that will be required to support significant scalable growth.
For a much more detailed history of Worldbridges, take a look at 'The History of Worldbridges - Long Version'.

Financial & Organizational Structure

Worldbridges financial structure aims to provide the fairest possible compensation to those who do the work of managing the sites and producing content.  To accomplish this,  Worldbridges is organized into Divisions that are managed as independently as possible within the context of Worldbridges goals and values. More detailed information about our Financial & Organizational Structure


All Worldbridges materials are released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. 
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