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Vance Stevens' Contribution to Earthcast 2017 (from Oman)

Tue, 2018-04-17 21:15

Vance Stevens' contributions for Earth Day from Musandam, Oman.

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Earthcast 2017

Tue, 2018-04-17 15:37

Earthcast 2017

#1 - Rye, NH students - Blue Class

#2 - Rye, NH students - Green Class

#3 - Rye, NH students - Yellow Class

#4 - Students from Jujuy, Argentina  (Katy DelCastillo's classes)  Time to be determined. 

** The students from Argentina would like your input about Earth Day.

Please add your voice to these flipgrids: 

and representing the two schools! Thank you in advance!

#5 Earthcast - Open Session (Not all students are available.)


#6 Earthcast - Open mic


Highlights from Earthcast2015

SeaTrek - Mote High School Interns

<br> <!--{cke_protected}{C}%3C!%2D%2D%20EarthcastMOTE%20%2D%2D%3E-->





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Earthcast 2016

Wed, 2016-04-27 19:25

Earthcast 2016

#1 - Rye, NH students - Green Class

#2 - Rye, NH students - Yellow Class

DIY projects are at

#3 - Rye, NH students Open Session (Students are in other classes.)

#4 - Open Session (Not all students are available.)

#5 Earthcast - Rye Jr High Students - Red Class

#6 Earthcast - Rye Jr High Students - Blue Class


Highlights from Earthcast2015

SeaTrek - Mote High School Interns<br> <!--{cke_protected}{C}%3C!%2D%2D%20EarthcastMOTE%20%2D%2D%3E-->


Archive of Col. Kittinger with Rye, NH students.



(NOTE - Chatroom can pop out. Look for double rectangles on the top right corner.)

Please contact us at [email protected] if you can't embed the chatbox





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Col. Joseph Kittinger Interview with Rye Jr. High's 7th Graders

Sun, 2015-02-01 20:00

7th Grade students at Rye Jr. High School in Rye, NH, US, interviewed Col. Joseph Kittinger, retired Air Force colonel. He is well known for his record breaking jump from the stratosphere back in 1960. He has many accomplishments in the field of aviation including a test pilot, fighter pilot and balloonist which earned him a place in the National Aviation Hall of Fame. (

In 2012, he mentored Felix Baumgartner with his helium balloon jump from the stratosphere. 

We were also joined by his wife, Sherry Kittinger. Thank you to both! - Sheila Adams

January 29, 2015

News Release of His Jump -



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Earthcast 2014

Wed, 2014-04-23 02:25

On April 22, 2014, the Earthbridges community webcasted live for several hours to recognize Earth Day. We had many people from around the globe who planned and contributed to this event we call, Earthcast.

The broadcast was divided into 6 parts.

     Part 1 - Introduction by Rye Jr High School students.  (Sheila Adams)
         - Class Afloat - Learn about school on a tall ship and how it relates to Earth Day (Jenn Williams)
         - Sea Trek TV (MOTE) - Sharks Alive! (Jason Robertshaw)

     Part 2 - Rye Jr High School students. (Sheila Adams)
        - Yellow class
        - Lunch group
        - Movie trailers
        - Poetry

     Part 3 - Derrall Garrison and his students at San Jose, California

     Part 4 - Rye Jr High Students - Red and Blue Classes

     Part 5 - Rye Jr High Students - Green class and wrap-up from New Hampshire

     Part 6 - Andreas Auwarter from Koblenz, Germany
            - In German and English
            - Music

Special thank you to Jeff Lebow, Peggy George, Derrall Garrison, Andreas Auwarter, Andreas Fischer, Jason Robertshaw, Jenn Williams, Vance Stevens and the rest of the Earthbridges community for planning and contributing in this year's Earthcast!      - Sheila Adams and grade 7 students

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Dr. Clyde Roper - Squid Researcher

Thu, 2012-01-05 01:42
The students from Rye Jr. High School (Rye, NH) spoke with Dr. Clyde Roper. Dr. Roper is a expert on squid and other cephalopods. He is well known for his research on the Giant Squid! Find out more about Dr. Roper, his work and, of course, squid!

The audio is available for download below.Taxonomy upgrade extras:
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March 16, 2011 - Diving in Antarctica

Wed, 2011-03-16 00:40

Robin Ellwood, an 8th grade science teacher, discusses her 4 seasons working in Antarctica. She was a divemaster for group of researchers in the Dry Valleys. Her journals are available at

We will be webcasting on Wednesday, March 16, 2011 from 8:20-9:00; 9:00-9:45; 1:00-1:45; 1:45-2:30 EDT. (-4 GMT). Please join us in the chat room.

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Space Shuttle Discovery Launch (Almost) Part 1 of 2

Sat, 2010-11-06 00:50
150 people were chosen around the world to participate in NASA's Tweetup at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA. I was one lucky participant. Two full days of activities were planned for us that culminated in the launch of STS-133, Discovery space shuttle. Unfortunately, there were delays for several days and eventually it was postponed until November 30, 2010 (4 am). Although we didn't see the launch, we did get to see and do things at KSC that most people don't.
I met up with another teacher, David Glenn, from North Carolina. We took the opportunity to webcast on this final day of activities, just after we heard about the launch being scrubbed.
This is rather long and I'll edit much later, but wanted people to be able to access it now. This segment does include the interview with Dan Tani, astronaut who has logged many days in space on several missions.
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Earthcast 2010, Hour#11 - Vance & the Women Students of UAE's Petroleum Institute

Thu, 2010-04-22 15:46
Earthcast 2010 Hour #11
Women from  the UAE's Petroleum Institute 
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Earthcast 2010, Hour#1 - Keynote with Jason Czarnezki

Thu, 2010-04-22 10:30
Earthcast 2010 Keynote 
Jason Czarneki
"Climate Policy and US-China Relations"

Chat Log Below

Learn more about Jason and his family's experience in China by reading their "Vermont 2 China" blog.
19:35:32  Peggy George ->  Hooray!! There's Jason!!
19:37:16  Peggy George ->  that was a funny ad that came up on your page Jeff! Women seeking Dating Chat and Marriage :-)
19:38:08  Peggy George ->  the audio sounds great for both of you
19:40:19  Peggy George ->  will we get to see Jason and Matt on mebeam?
19:41:11  nacho ->  Hola, desde Asturias, España
19:41:26  nacho ->  un saludo para todos y los mejores deseos de que salga bien
19:41:31  nacho ->  se oye de maravilla
19:48:00  Peggy George ->  my firefox has been behaving very strange lately too!!
19:48:17  Peggy George ->  you guys look fantastic!! love those smiles :-)
19:55:25  matt montagne ->  hey jason!!!
19:55:28  JL ->  you are here
19:55:30  Jason Czarnezki ->  hello
19:55:52  Peggy George ->  very interesting--couldn't find my avatar for my tweet and then remembered that I switched to the Earthcast avatar :-)
19:56:37  Peggy George ->  Hi there Jason!!
19:57:30  Peggy George ->  Jose is joining in near end of keynote I think
19:57:55  Peggy George ->  I'll watch for him :-)
19:58:55  matt montagne ->  welcome cas!!!
19:59:11  Peggy George ->  those courses sound great Jeff!!
19:59:30  Peggy George ->  does that mean there are two separate chat rooms?
20:00:39  Peggy George ->  Hi cas!! Getting excited about Earthcast 2010!! Here we go!
20:01:05  Peggy George ->  Hola to Jose!!
20:01:44  mrsdurff ->  Was haben Sie alles gesagt?
20:01:48  Peggy George ->  Jose is running a Spanish Earthcastathon simultaneously! Very exciting!
20:02:08  Peggy George ->
20:02:19  Peggy George ->  Woo hoo!!
20:02:24  mrsdurff ->  YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH
20:02:52  Czarnezki ->  hello
20:03:12  Peggy George ->  get that coffee pot brewing!! 24 hours of learning and motivation!
20:03:40  mrsdurff ->  every twitter like crazy
20:03:54  Peggy George ->  Hi Paul! Looking forward to your session on school gardens!
20:04:18  Peggy George ->  hashtag for this is #earthcast10
20:05:07  Peggy George ->  we have more viewers than people logged into the chat--come on in everyone
20:05:41  Paul Allison ->  Hi Peggy, me too.
20:06:32  Peggy George ->  bye Jose!! Have a great earthcast!!
20:06:49  Peggy George ->  Happy Earth Day!!! :-)
20:07:14  mrsdurff ->  Did he say China?
20:07:15  Peggy George ->  Hooray for Teachers Teaching Teachers!!
20:07:19  Peggy George ->  yes China
20:07:22  mrsdurff ->  k
20:07:24  Peggy George ->  Hi Sheila
20:07:46  Sheila Adams ->  hello! Still in meeting but wanted to stop by the chat.
20:07:52  Peggy George ->  what an exciting international team!!
20:08:01  mrsdurff ->  the grand elf
20:08:21  Peggy George ->  #earthcast10
20:08:34  Peggy George ->  Welcome derrallg!!
20:08:42  derrallg ->  HI Peggy
20:08:45  mrsdurff ->  oh keep dave out then
20:08:46  Sheila Adams ->  Will definitely catch this later! Disappointed I'm missing it.
20:09:00  Peggy George ->  me too Sheila!! hurry back!
20:09:04  mrsdurff ->  we love you sheila
20:09:10  Sheila Adams ->  :)
20:09:21  Peggy George ->  that was an awesome keynote!!
20:09:47  Peggy George ->  wow!! forgot that!!
20:09:56  Peggy George ->  professor Obama!
20:10:10  Peggy George ->  yes hearing great!
20:10:10  derrallg ->  yes
20:10:14  mrsdurff ->  Clap clap clap
20:10:29  mrsdurff ->  btw the vooicethread is at
20:10:36  Paul Allison ->  Love how they met... over garbage.
20:11:04  matt montagne ->  pretty much, Paul...we had lots of conversations as he would bring his compost in my backyard
20:11:05  Peggy George ->  :-)
20:11:50  Peggy George ->  a city with 14m people!! wow!
20:11:53  matt montagne ->  welcome boschm to earthcast 2010!
20:12:01  mrsdurff ->  hi boschm
20:12:06  mrsdurff ->  have sound?
20:12:18  Peggy George ->  working great
20:12:50  derrallg ->  my wife was living just outside Guanzhou
20:13:23  mrsdurff ->  unequivocal unless you live where I do or work where I work - these people think it is a hoax
20:13:55  Peggy George ->  that's a really interesting chart!
20:14:01  matt montagne ->  I would LOVE to have a climate change denier present on earthcast
20:14:20  matt montagne ->  if anyone knows one, please encourage him/her to join in over the next day
20:14:29  mrsdurff ->  oh webcast are of the devil - good luck
20:14:30  Peggy George ->  yes Matt!! we should have a panel or debate :-)
20:15:38  Peggy George ->  do you think you will be able to post Jason's slides on the Earthbridges site?
20:15:39  matt montagne ->  hi kjacobs!!!
20:16:04  matt montagne ->  welcome to the keynote...our keynote presenter is jason czarneski, who is in southern china
20:16:11  kjacobs ->  Hey
20:16:36  kjacobs ->  Hey Matt, thought I would tune in for a while.
20:16:46  matt montagne ->  glad you could kip!!!
20:17:42  mrsdurff ->  hi nacarid
20:17:49  nacarid ->  hola
20:17:56  mrsdurff ->  do you have sound?
20:18:07  nacarid ->  yes
20:18:11  mrsdurff ->  :)
20:18:16  nacarid ->  perfect
20:18:30  mrsdurff ->  that's it - I gonna stop breathing
20:18:41  Peggy George ->  that's a great statistic!! powerful!
20:19:06  matt montagne ->  welcome nacarid!
20:19:46  nacarid ->  thank you matt
20:19:53  mrsdurff ->  hi maureen
20:19:57  mrsdurff ->  hi pan
20:19:59  mrsdurff ->  pam
20:20:02  matt montagne ->  hi maureen and pam!
20:20:03  mrsdurff ->  typeeze
20:20:08  shoemap ->  howdy durff
20:20:22  Maureen ->  Hi Lisa, Matt
20:20:27  derrallg ->  Hi Pam
20:20:37  shoemap ->  Hi there, Derrall
20:21:11  matt montagne ->  wow
20:21:15  matt montagne ->  sobering
20:21:17  Peggy George ->  it's so clear that something has to change!!
20:24:28  matt montagne ->  hello funfrock...welcome to earthcast 2010. You're listening to our keynote presenter, Jason Czarnezki, who is southern china
20:24:33  mrsdurff ->  hi fun
20:24:42  mrsdurff ->  do you have sound fun?
20:25:21  Peggy George ->  is it a question of educating people or just getting people to act on the scinece/information??
20:25:49  matt montagne ->  I think the policy is a whole different animal...
20:26:28  mrsdurff ->  what a snub
20:26:32  matt montagne ->  all the 'snubs' were so, so strange
20:27:08  Peggy George ->  what a dramatic event!!! good for them for barging in on the meeting
20:27:53  matt montagne ->  him Kim!
20:27:58  mrsdurff ->  kim is here
20:28:06  mrsdurff ->  all is right with the world
20:28:09  derrallg ->  hi Kim
20:28:19  mrsdurff ->  hi nacarid
20:28:23  mrsdurff ->  oops
20:28:28  kcaise ->  hi everyone!
20:28:31  mrsdurff ->  i need more coffee
20:28:42  Peggy George ->  politics are so frustrating!!
20:29:07  Peggy George ->  seems like we need to get things out of the committees!!
20:29:18  mrsdurff ->  the politicians are the really frustrating ones
20:29:23  mrsdurff ->  hi stefan
20:30:13  matt montagne ->  hello Stefan...welcome to the opening hour of Earthcast 2010!
20:30:28  mrsdurff ->  clean coal is one of those oxymoronic statements
20:30:31  matt montagne ->  Jason has to give a TED Talk I think!
20:30:48  Peggy George ->  I agree Matt!
20:31:10  matt montagne ->  I agree Durff...clean and coal don't belong in the same sentence
20:31:30  derrallg ->  there are cranes everywhere and no single story buildings
20:32:08  matt montagne ->  please think of questions you might have for Jason and enter them in the chat
20:32:34  matt montagne ->  staggering
20:32:48  mrsdurff ->  Is there population really increasing that much?
20:32:57  mrsdurff ->  yes
20:32:58  Peggy George ->  hearing great
20:33:03  shoemap ->  yes
20:33:52  mrsdurff ->  wb stefan
20:34:08  stefan ->  thx
20:35:06  derrallg ->  How close or different will China's growth and cleaning up of their environment be like what the US went through?
20:35:20  mrsdurff ->  so it's really OUR carbon footprint, isn't it?
20:35:31  matt montagne ->  thanks Durff and Derrall for your questions...
20:35:53  Peggy George ->  so true and Americans are huge consumers!!
20:36:09  matt montagne ->  so much posturing...incredible
20:36:13  mrsdurff ->  Catch 22
20:37:07  matt montagne ->  jason's thesis here is pretty compelling...the link b/t the US and China is so strong
20:37:24  Peggy George ->  makes it seem so hopeless! I'm listening for Jason to give us the hopeful news about things we can do to make a difference--if there are things!!
20:38:32  matt montagne ->  welcome to Earthcast 2010, Angela!
20:38:32  Durff ->  hi angela
20:38:40  angela ->  hi guys!
20:38:53  Durff ->  actually, I'm a girl
20:38:56  angela ->  haha
20:38:56  matt montagne ->  you're joining our keynote in progress...our keynoter is Jason Czarneski and he is joining us from south china
20:39:03  angela ->  cool
20:39:25  Peggy George ->  regulations and enforcement are very intersting points! do we have any "teeth" when it comes to enforcement?
20:39:25  matt montagne ->  welcome chla!
20:39:27  Durff ->  hi chia
20:40:00  chla ->  hi
20:43:11  shoemap ->  I'd like to hear Jason's thoughts about the data from the UK lab that has become so politicized in the US. So many people don't believe that humans have a big role in climate change.
20:44:13  matt montagne ->  me too, Pam...I'll ask that
20:47:22  JL ->  In the States (and in some of our classrooms) there are those who doubt the Greenhouse Effect and its human cause.  How about China and other BASIC countries?
20:47:29  Peggy ->  lost my connection! had to change browsers
20:47:32  Durff ->  just lost all bandwidth - ah those teens and their bandwidth hoggers
20:47:49  Peggy ->  no teenagers her to blame it on!
20:47:58  Peggy ->  here
20:49:47  Peggy ->  if people don't "believe" in the greenhouse effect they think it excuses them from having to make any changes
20:50:00  Durff ->  exactly
20:51:37  shoemap ->  wow. all three have on a tie!
20:52:06  Peggy ->  what a great story!!
20:53:18  Peggy ->  and we tend to listen to people who are saying what we agree with :-)
20:53:39  kcaise ->  jeff too?
20:53:59  kcaise ->  didnt know this was a formal event
20:54:15  matt montagne ->  welcome susan!
20:54:51  Durff ->  hi elizabeth
20:55:32  Durff ->  How quickly?
20:56:49  Peggy ->  it's the information overload in the US that he mentioned that is such a problem--people think that there is so much conflicting information that there is no reason for them to act on it
20:57:01  Durff ->  indeed
20:57:23  Durff ->  we need to live more simply so others may simply live
20:58:16  matt montagne ->  fairly similar to the US...we generally recognize climate change is a problem, but we don't want to negatively impact growth...
20:58:19  Durff ->  40%
20:58:28  Durff ->  that's a lot
20:59:01  Peggy ->  how likely is that to happen? carbon taxation?
21:00:00  Peggy ->  very persuasive presentation Jason!! Thank you!
21:00:14  Durff ->  Where can we purchase this book?
21:00:26  Durff ->  Does he Twitter?
21:00:39  Durff ->  Is it on Amazon?
21:00:47  Peggy ->  Everyday Environmentalism! what a great title!
21:00:50  matt montagne ->  not yet durff
21:01:09  stefan ->  Congrats on the book Jason. Good stuff, Jeff!
21:01:32  matt montagne ->  that is a badly needed research project
21:01:39  Peggy ->  we'll be watching for the tweets on the release of the book!
21:01:44  kjacobs ->  Thanks for the talk. Jason.
21:02:06  Peggy ->
21:02:12  Czarnezki ->
21:02:55  derrallg ->  great information
21:03:24  Peggy ->  Thank you Jason!!
21:03:27  shoemap ->  Thanks!
21:03:33  derrallg ->  thank you
21:04:27  Peggy ->  earth day ties :-)
21:04:35  Peggy ->  wonderful!!
21:04:36  derrallg ->  wow a moment to celebrate
21:04:36  kcaise ->  cool!
21:04:50  Peggy ->  love it!! Korea is between heart and stomach!!
21:05:10  kcaise ->  what are you teaching now jeff?
21:05:19  Durff ->  :)
21:05:31  Peggy ->  excellent streaming!!
21:05:33  Durff ->  \all your susan
21:05:45  shoemap ->  Great start to Earthcast! 
21:06:00  matt montagne ->  thanks, Pam
21:06:08  matt montagne ->  I agree...great start
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What is Earthcast Flyer

Tue, 2010-04-20 15:46

What is Earthcast? Take a look at the embedded document for the FAQ's on this upcoming event.

Be sure to tune in live for 24 hours starting at 0 GMT on 22 April, 2010 (Earth Day!!!

A shout out to Earthcast Team member Lisa Durff for creating this resource document.


What is Earthcast

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