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Looking for work Asap (Guro gu, Seoul)

Sun, 2021-06-06 22:44
Classified Ad Type: Location: Neighborhood: Guro gu seoulContact person by email

I'm looking for work! In seoul. I live in Guro gu.

I will do Factory-Farming any job you have.

I am looking for a stable job.
If you have work and need someone i am here.
please contact me on

kakaotalk: vinceedd70

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10 Summer Classroom Activities and Games – Great for ESL Lessons!

Sun, 2021-06-06 11:40

Republished from: https://etateach.com/10-summer-classroom-activities-and-games-great-for-esl-lessons.html

Teaching English during summer can often be very difficult. It’s hot, students have a lot energy and everyone would rather be outside enjoying the warm weather.

To help with that I’d like to share 10 Summer Activities you can do in your class. Keep students engaged with plenty of games and movement-based activities. Even though this is primarily for English Teachers, most of these can be used in other classes too.

And as always, I’ve added all the best worksheets in the description where you can get them for free by joining the Etacude email list.

Now, let’s check out 10 Summer Classroom Activities and Games for English Class

1. Five Senses

Summer is all about the senses. The amazing smells, the warm sun on your skin, a cool breeze, the sound of laughter or waves if you’re at the beach This is a great outdoor activity if you are able to take the kids outside. If not, they have to stay inside and use their imagination. “sad face”

Pair students with a partner and give them a paper. On the paper they write the 5 senses” see, smell, hear, touch and taste. Then, they have to fill in the sections with as many examples they can think of as possible, give them a minimum number like 5 so they don’t keep it blank.

See children playing outside. Smell the ocean. Hear the bees buzzing, touch the sea sand when building a sandcastle or taste ice cream for example.

Once they are done ask pairs to share the items they have on their sense paper. Write the answers on the board to compare. You could take it a few steps further by telling the students to write sentences with those words or a story.

2. Human Scrabble

Not necessarily a summer activity but it will get the students moving

Get some A4 papers and write a letter on each – Similar to what you would do with real Scrabble. Add lots of vowels, S’s, R’s , N’s – You know, letters that are easier to use.

Once a teacher shouts Scrabble, students have a minute to arrange themselves into groups to create the longest word possible. Groups can score points by having the longest or most complex word.

Once they’ve created a word, each individual student can write down their score. After 10 Rounds you can stop and see who has the highest score at the end.

Once a word has been created they may not use it again. You can also swap cards so that students have different letters to use.

With younger students you can give a point per letter and with older classes give each letter the real scrabble score.

3. I’m going to the beach riddle

This is a fun, or frustratingly fun riddle activity. You start by saying “I’m going to the beach and I’m taking a…” Here you can say anything. But whatever you say is related to a secret rule that only you know…

For example, the secret rule is milk foods. I’m going to the beach and I’m taking a milkshake.

Each student has a to take a thing. If they say “I’m taking a chocolate.” They can’t go!

If they say cheese. They can go. The students continue until they figure out the secret rule.

There are many creative rules that you can use like:

It could be categories like food, or the word has to start with the first letter of your name, or the alphabet so you start with “Apple”, Only words with 4 letters. Compound nouns like pencilcase. Anything inside the classroom. Any rule you can imagine.

4. Summer Flashcard Activity

Create flashcards or write down Summer vocabulary on papers.

Have 4 students each hold up a flashcard at the front of the class, flash and then hide their card.  The teacher calls out one of the words and the children have to remember where the word is and line up in front of the child holding that flashcard.  Children have great fun trying to remember, jumping from one line to the next, following their friends and excitedly waiting for the card to be revealed.  In a second round, it’s fun to add an additional challenge and get the children holding flashcards to change places, and then repeat the activity with the whole class”.

Once in their lines you can ask random students to use the word in a sentence. That gets them all to think of possible sentences to use if asked.

5. Blindfolded Games

There are many activities that can be played by using a blindfold. Any scarf or sleep mask will do.

One such activity is by the touch or taste challenge. Get different summer-related items like a snorkel, tube, sunscreen, beachball ect. A student puts on a blindfold and you give them different items to touch and identify.

You can then let them use the items in a role play or write a story, whatever you feel like you want to do.

If it’s in your budget, you could get different summer fruits for them to taste – Watermelon, apple, oranges. As a cheaper option you can use fruit-flavored sweets in stead of the real thing.

Another fun blindfold activity for question practice is to have everyone stand in a circle with one student in the center wearing the blindfold. Spin him/her around a few times and have him ask the nearest student a question. When the student answers, the blindfolded student must guess who it is. Let students think and write down some ideas for questions before starting. You can let students change once they guess the correct person.

6. Travel Activities

Travel is another common activity that takes place during the summer months.  A fun activity is to help your students plan real or virtual summer vacations. They create a personal itinerary and discuss or write about their plans. I added a list of Travel Questions that students can ask each other in the worksheet file which you can get from free once you join the Etacude email list.

Click HERE for the FREE Travel Questions

7. Suitcase of Random Items

Another travel related activity is to have a suitcase with many random items. If you don’t want to do that you could find a picture on the internet of a collection of items or it could be many people in one photo, almost like Where’s Waldo.  Give the students a minute to study the suitcase contents or picture. Then they write down everything they saw. It could be fun to put students in pairs to write everything down together. After that, randomly remove a few of the items, students then have to guess what’s missing.

They can also create a dialogue or story based on the items.

8. Scavenger Hunt

Create a list for the summer scavenger hunt. There is an example in resources. Students walk around the class (or outside if possible) and make their own scavenger list of things to see. They should try and make it specific. Then randomly redistribute the lists to everyone. They have to walk around and find the items. After you’ve given them time to complete, put them in groups and where they explain the items and where they were found to the other students.

This is a good activity to practice prepositions and explaining where things are.

9. Planning a Picnic

The summer is also a popular season for picnics and barbeques.  Discuss with your student about how they would plan and organize a (real or imaginary) picnic or barbecue. The students  create a Mind Map about the best location, weather, food, and beverages for the event. Practice conversations about verbal invitations and review writing invitations with your student. Help your students discover some in-season dishes they would like to make and they can write a recipe for foods they would like to create.

Many great places you can take this activity

10. Summer Bucket List

Students create a summer bucket list. They write down what activities they hope to do that summer. After sharing their bucket lists they can plan a timeline to explain how they might achieve these goals.

It’s very important for students to share these ideas with their classmates in pairs or small groups, and then they share what their friend is planning to do. This a great way to practice listening for information and then sharing it. Also, I’ve found that students are less shy to speak in front of the class if they are talking about another friend’s activities in stead of their own.

So these are 10 summer games and activities for class. Check out this next video for more fun and easy activities you can do in class.


Republished from: https://etateach.com/10-summer-classroom-activities-and-games-great-for-esl-lessons.html

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Summer Activities for Class

Sun, 2021-06-06 08:25

Here are 10 Summer Activities you can do in ESL Class

YouTube Channel: Etacude
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Learn Korean Ep. 120: 아/어/etc. 가다 & 오다

Fri, 2021-06-04 13:37

Lately I've started doing some yoga. It would be great if Keykat would join me! After all, she looks like she'd be great at yoga, considering she's fluffy and a bear.

This lesson is about the grammar form ~해 가다 and ~해 오다, which are used when moving somewhere (or moving here).

Also make sure to download the free PDF lesson, which you can find right below the video here.

Click here to download a free PDF of this lesson!

The post Learn Korean Ep. 120: 아/어/etc. 가다 & 오다 appeared first on Learn Korean with GO! Billy Korean.





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Learn Korean Ep. 123: ~아/어/etc. 하다 & 싶어 하다

Fri, 2021-06-04 12:45





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Baekyangsa Temple – 백양사 (Jung-gu, Ulsan)

Thu, 2021-06-03 23:28
The Wooden Stairs that Lead Up to the Sanshin-gak Hall at Baekyangsa Temple in Jung-gu, Ulsan.

This posts contains affiliate links. I receive a percentage of sales, if you purchase the item after clicking on an advertising link at no expense to you. This will help keep the website running. Thanks, as always, for your support! 

Temple History

Baekyangsa Temple at the foot of Mt. Hamwolsan (200.6 m) in Jung-gu, Ulsan, which shouldn’t be confused with the one in Jeollanam-do, was first founded in 932 A.D. by the monk Baekyang-seonsa. In fact, the temple is named after this founding monk. The temple was destroyed by fire during the Imjin War (1592-1598). However, Baekyangsa Temple was later rebuilt in 1678 by the monk Yeonbu-seonsa.

Baekyangsa Temple would later fall into disrepair. And in the 1920’s, the temple would be resurrected under the watchful eye of the Bhikuni (nun) Bohyeon. More recently, and in 1992 with the development of Jung-gu, which is where Baekyangsa Temple is located, this area became the city centre of Ulsan. While the temple used to be located up in the mountains in rural Ulsan, it is no longer the case with the overall development and spread of the urban areas in Ulsan.

Since 1998, Baekyangsa Temple has undergone a large scale renovation and expansion which continues to this day. As for the temple itself, it was designated as Ulsan Traditional Buddhist Temple #6 in 1999. And the historic Shinjung-do (Guardian Mural) that dates back to 1878 that’s housed at Baekyangsa Temple is Ulsan Metropolitan City Tangible Cultural Heritage #27.

Temple Layout

You’ll first approach the temple grounds off of some neighbouring city streets, and make your way under the newly constructed Iljumun Gate. This sturdy, and rather colourful entry gate, has a pair of stone sculptures at its base. To the left is a lion and to the right is a dragon holding a wisdom pearl in its mouth.

Now making your way through the temple parking lot, and the simplistic Jong-ru (Bell Pavilion), you’ll notice a cluster of buildings. Past these, and to the right, there’s a stone stairway that will bring you to the main temple courtyard at Baekyangsa temple. It’s from this vantage point that you’ll find all the amazing shrine halls that Baekyangsa Temple has to offer.

The first of these temple shrine halls, and to your rear, is the Gwaneum-jeon Hall. The exterior walls to this hall are beautifully adorned with paintings of animals, the Sacheonwang (The Four Heavenly Kings), and paintings dedicated to Gwanseeum-bosal (The Bodhisattva of Compassion). As you step inside this sparsely decorated interior, you’ll notice the main altar to your right. Standing in the centre, all by herself, is an image of Gwanseeum-bosal. This statue is backed by an equally eloquent painting of herself joined by Yongwang (The Dragon King). There is a fiery nimbus surrounding the statue, and there are two large Bicheon (Flying Heavenly Deities) floating overhead of the Bodhisattva of Compassion.

As you step outside the Gwaneum-jeon Hall, you’ll notice the monks residence to your immediate right. This hall is beautifully adorned with Shimu-do (The Ox-Herding Murals). And to your immediate left are facilities at the temple like the kitchen and visitors centre.

But by far the main highlight to this temple, and straight ahead of you, is the Daeung-jeon Hall at Baekyangsa Temple. Out in front of the main hall is a variety of stone statues like twin elephants, the Wheel of Dharma, and the Sibiji-shin (The Twelve Zodiac Generals), as well as a Bicheon, and massive stone lanterns. Nearing the Daeung-jeon Hall, and looking around the eaves of the hall, you’ll notice the amazingly intricate dancheong that’s adorning the main hall. In addition to the vibrant dancheong, you’ll notice one of the finest collection of Shimu-do (Ox-Herding Murals) in Korea. In addition to this amazing set, you’ll also be greeted by various Buddha and Bodhisattva murals around the exterior walls, as well, to the Daeung-jeon Hall. Before stepping inside the Daeung-jeon Hall, make sure you have a look at the stunning front floral latticework that adorns the doors. As for the interior, there are five statues that take up residence on the main altar. Sitting in the centre is the largest in the set. This statue is dedicated to Seokgamoni-bul (The Historical Buddha). To the right and left of this central statue are two standing statues. They are Munsu-bosal (The Bodhisattva of Wisdom) and Bohyeon-bosal (The Bodhisattva of Power). And completing the set, and standing to the far left, is a green haired statue dedicated to Jijang-bosal (The Bodhisattva of the Afterlife). And on the far right is another standing statue. This time, however, this statue is dedicated to Gwanseeum-bosal. And hanging on the far left wall is an older, red mural dedicated to Amita-bul (The Buddha of the Western Paradise). This mural is fronted by a triad of statues, again, centred by Amita-bul and joined by Gwanseuum-bosal and Daesaeji-bosal (The Bodhisattva of Wisdom and Power for Amita-bul) on either side.

To the left of the Daeung-jeon Hall is the Eungjin-jeon Hall at Baekyangsa Temple. Adorning the exterior walls to this hall dedicated to the Nahan (The Historical Disciples of the Buddha) are a beautiful collection of Palsang-do (The Eight Scenes from the Buddha’s Life). Stepping inside the Eungjin-jeon Hall, you’ll be greeted by sixteen masterful statues of the Nahan with each of their names written in front of them on a black plaque. Sitting in the centre of these sixteen statues, eight on either side, is a triad, rather uniquely, centred by Amita-bul and joined by Gwanseeum-bosal and Daesaeji-bosal, again. It’s also inside the Nahan-jeon Hall, hanging on the right side of the shrine hall, that you’ll find the historic Shinjung-do (Guardian Mural) from 1878.

And to the right of the Daeung-jeon Hall is the temple’s Myeongbu-jeon Hall. Around the exterior walls are various Buddhist motif murals of coming of age. It’s also on these walls that you’ll find one of the more sensational images of the Dragon Ship of Wisdom to adorn a temple shrine hall in Korea. As for the interior, there are large sized seated statues of the Siwang taking up residence inside the Myeongbu-jeon Hall. And taking up residence in the centre of the main altar is a rather dour older image of Jijang-bosal with green hair.

Next to the Myeongbu-jeon Hall is the Chilseong/Dokseong-gak Hall. Each mural housed inside this shaman shrine hall are dedicated to Chilseong (The Seven Stars) and Dokseong (The Lonely Saint), and they are rather typical in their composition inside the Chilseong/Dokseong-gak Hall. Also housed inside this hall, rather uniquely, and to the left, is a mural dedicated to the founding monk of the temple: Baekyang-seonsa.

The final temple shrine hall that visitors can explore at Baekyangsa Temple is to the rear of the main temple complex and up a side-winding set of wooden stairs. Fronted by a rather tacky fading picture of a tiger, the Sanshin-gak Hall houses one of the more peculiar images of Sanshin (The Mountain Spirit) inside the confines of this type of shaman shrine hall. The image of Sanshin looks rather unhealthy and ghost-like in appearance; thus, bucking the more traditional trend of exuding health and virility found in the image of The Mountain Spirit. It’s also from the heights of the Sanshin-gak Hall that you get a great view of the temple compound and the rest of Ulsan off in the distance.

How To Get There

To get to Baekyangsa Temple, you’ll first need to ride Ulsan city Bus #5003 from the Ulsan Train Station. With this bus, you’ll need to get off at the Samhogyo bus stop. From here, you’ll need to transfer to Bus #408 for an additional six stops, where you’ll need to get off at the Gungdojang bus stop. From this bus stop, you can walk to get to the Ulsan City Police Station Headquarters. From here, you’ll need to walk about five to ten minutes, or six hundred metres, to get to Baekyangsa Temple.

Overall Rating: 8/10

There’s quite a lot to see and enjoy at Baekyangsa Temple in central Ulsan. First, you can enjoy all the amazing murals that adorn all the exterior shrine hall walls at the temple. Another thing to enjoy are all the inspiring statues at Baekyangsa Temple like the statued dedicated to Gwanseeum-bosal inside the Gwaneum-jeon Hall and the Nahan statues housed inside the Eungjin-jeon Hall. In addition to all this artistry, there’s all the beauty surrounding the Daeung-jeon Hall like the latticework, the statues, the dancheong colours, and the beautiful murals, as well as the main altar statues. Adding to all this is the haunting image of the Mountain Spirit housed inside the Sanshin-gak Hall to the back of the temple grounds.

The Daeung-jeon Hall at Baekyangsa Temple. One of the Ox-Herding Murals adorning the Daeung-jeon Hall. The main altar inside the Daeung-jeon Hall. A look out towards the Gwaneum-jeon Hall from the Daeung-jeon Hall. Some of the amazing artwork adorning the Gwaneum-jeon Hall. Gwanseeum-bosal (The Bodhisattva of Compassion) inside the Gwaneum-jeon Hall. The Myeongbu-jeon Hall at Baekyangsa Temple. A look inside the Myeongbu-jeon Hall at the main altar. One of the Palsang-do that adorns the exterior walls to the Eungjin-jeon Hall. The main altar inside the Eungjin-jeon Hall. The historic Shinjung-do inside the Eungjin-jeon Hall. And the ghostly image of Sanshin inside the Sanshin-gak Hall. —


Dale's Korean Temple Adventures YouTube

Inner Peace Art Store



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NUMBER SONG : 11~100 (part3) | 숫자송

Thu, 2021-06-03 13:50

Instagram     YouTube

Hi 안녕하세요 I'm Won!
I hope this channel is helpful

Private Korean lesson (Conversation, Pronunciation, Writing etc)
You can check more detail on my Instagram page

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Arc N Book and Studio Ghibli Collection: Instagrammable Bookstore and Souvenir Shop in Seoul

Thu, 2021-06-03 12:48
— From Korea with Love



Join 473 other followers


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Fun, Outgoing, and Experiened teacher still availanle for part time or full time work

Thu, 2021-06-03 11:15
Classified Ad Type: Location: Neighborhood: anywhere in BusanContact person by email

Hello. My name is Danny. I've lived and worked in Busan for over 12 years. I'm looking for a new position, either part time or full-time. I am very outgoing and if given a chance, your elementary and middle school students will like me.I have a transferrable E2 visa and could be available ASAP. So, if you want a charismatic teacher, who knows how to keep students interested, please let me know. I'll be happy to work for you.


If you are a recruiter and reading this, please don't send me unsolicited "leads" Only real jobs, please.

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For sale (desk, tv, chairs, monitors, tv stand, queen mattress, appliances, and others)

Thu, 2021-06-03 08:11
Classified Ad Type: Location: Neighborhood: GwangalliContact person by email

Hi I'm selling the following goods. Feel free to message me here or on Kakao (my ID is sp987). Kakao is easier. I'm located in Gwangalli. Pick up there. Everything can fit into a taxi except for the bed, and sofa. See pictures at this link - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bh3ws92vsehkgqw/AACpFN7jYvfYa_CV8ctPKmg6a?dl=0 

  1. Wider Desk (20,000 won) - Everything comes apart. Has a very slight wobble that can be fixed by putting a paper underneath one of the legs. I use this for working. I easily fit two monitors onto this desk with extra space on top. This can be taken apart and fit into a taxi. (dimensions: Length - 140 cm; width 60 cm; height 71 cm)
  2. Narrower Desk/Kitchen Table - 30,000 won. this is very sturdy and the legs come apart for moving. Can fit in a taxi. (dimensions: Length - 120 cm; width 43 cm; height 72 cm)
  3. 40 Inch TV (80,000 won). It has 3 HDMI ports, so can easily hook up your laptop to watch Netflix or attach Apple TV. Comes with a remote. Has small legs so it stands easily on a TV stand. Works fine.  Buy with the TV stand below for 85,000 won. Can see the specs here - http://widevu.co.kr/product/widevu-wv400fhd-s01/11/ 
  4. TV stand (15,000 won). It has a slight wobble when moving it, but worked fine for the 2 years I had it. TV was on it okay and has two areas of storage. If you buy this with the TV I will give you the stand for 5,000 won. Can fit in a taxi (dimensions: Length - 100 cm; width 36 cm; height 35 cm)
  5. LG Monitor (23 inches) (35,000 won). I used it for one of my 2 screens for work. Works fine and does the job. Has 3 HDMI ports. No remote. But can press the buttons under the screen to adjust channels, volume, and settings. - Can see the specs here. https://www.whathifi.com/lg/m2362d/overview 
  6. Trek 520 Touring Bike (500,000 won) - I have taken this all over the world and is still in great shape. Perfect if you want to tour Korea while your here on all the nice paths. Will include a free tuneup at the trek shop before purchase. Bought this new in 2015 for 1.4 million won. Can throw in some bike tools, helmet, camping gear if you like so you are ready to go. 
  7. Two Stools - 5,000 won each or 8,000 for both
  8. Weights - 20,000 won. These are two dumbbells and comes with a bar that screws into one side of each dumbbell so that you can make a barbell. Good for a home workout. Comes with 14 kg in plates. 4x2kg and 4x1.5 kg weights. 
  9. IKEA chair - 10,000 won. This chair works great and very comfortable for reading a book, but it's stained. I just put a blanket over it and it's a nice addition to the living room. 40,000 if new - https://www.ikea.com/kr/en/p/pello-armchair-holmby-natural-90160720/ 
  10. Appliance holder/Kitchen storage holder (15,000 won). 3 shelves to store microwave, toaster, or anything you like. 
  11. Toaster oven - 10,000 won - Works fine, use this to toast things. it's an oven as well so can do basic baking in here. 
  12. Tall Japanese Lamp - 7,000 won
  13. Office chairs (2 of them) - 10,000 won each
  14. Queen size Silentnight mattress - 80,000 won. This is the most comfortable mattress I have been on in Korea and perhaps my life. It retails for over 400,000
  15. Queen size plastic frame - 10,000 won - allows you to raise your mattress up off the ground. 
  16. Sofa (10,000 won) - extremely comfortable 3 person sofa. I fall asleep on this a lot. I have a sofa topper to go around it as the under leather portion is peeling off. 
  17. Rice Cooker - 5,000 won 
  18. Electric Water Kettle (5,000 won)  
  19. Yoga mat (5,000 won) - Nice thick yoga mat. 
  20. Coffee stand - 5,000 won - typical coffee stand that just needs legs opened to work. 
  21. Ottoman (5,000 won)  - Huge size, very comfy. It's perfect for putting your legs up when sitting on the couch. It's scratched on the top 
  22. Games: Rummikub (5,000 won); Kodama (5,000 won) = or both for 8,000 won. 
  23. Router (5,000 won) - works fine. 
  24. Korean Level 2 book (5,000 won)


Microwave - 15,000 won (SOLD) - Nice Microwave and ready for a new owner

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P/T Job Wanted After 5pm

Thu, 2021-06-03 06:09
Classified Ad Type: Location: Neighborhood: Yeonje Ku, Semyeon, Beomnaegol, Chunggu, SeoguContact person by email

Experienced Canadian F5 Visa holder with an Education degree, teacher's license and TESOL certificate, looking for part time work after 5pm. (Except Mondays.)

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Electric bike - Alton estar with accessories (2 bike locks, +more)

Wed, 2021-06-02 20:21
Classified Ad Type: Location: Neighborhood: OsanContact person by email

The bike has built in safely lights, and comes with an attachable headlight. Also included are two locks, a travel carrying case with a phone pocket, charger, and a can of degreaser. 

Able to deliver within or nearby Seoul on the weekends. During the weekday I’m available after 6:30pm in Osan and will give a -10,000won discount. 


330,000 obo 


Thank you for viewing!

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NUMBER SONG (part 2) | 숫자송

Wed, 2021-06-02 16:19

Instagram     YouTube

Hi 안녕하세요 I'm Won!
I hope this channel is helpful

Private Korean lesson (Conversation, Pronunciation, Writing etc)
You can check more detail on my Instagram page

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English-Russian teaching job for summer

Wed, 2021-06-02 16:17
Classified Ad Type: Location: Neighborhood: near Pusan National University, Dongnae, Somyeon Contact person by email

Hello, I am a student of PNU, Sogdiana. I hold visa D2, my nationality is Uzbekistan. I can teach English and Russian intermediate, upper- intermediate level. I have experience of working with kids. I am also fluent in Korean(TOPIK6). You can contact me by a phone call 01068522110 or email [email protected].

안녕하세요~ 한국에서 유학 중 요나입니다. 부산대 근처 거주자입니다.  우즈베키스탄에서 왔고 영어, 러시아어 튜터입니다. 7-11 살 아이들과 튜터링 경험이 있습니다. 관심 있으신 분 01068522110 으로, 또는 [email protected] 이메일로 연락주시기 바랍니다~

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Language skill exchange

Wed, 2021-06-02 15:09
Classified Ad Type: Location: Neighborhood: PNUContact person by email

I want to exchange my own Chinese for English or Korean. If you want to learn Chinese, please contact me. We are equal and reciprocal.

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Looking for a non-teaching job in Busan

Wed, 2021-06-02 01:38
Classified Ad Type: Location: Contact person by email

Hi all,

I am looking for a non teaching part time job. I have basic Corel draw graphic design knowledge, I can write academically or in any form (I have an outdated blog). Kindly note, I don't want overnight job except its remote. TIA, cheers. 

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