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다가는 Continuing Actions | Live Class Abridged

Wed, 2021-04-14 17:53

Did you know that ~다가는 is not the same as the form ~다가? It's also not the same as ~아/어/etc. 다가, but that's for another lesson.

In this Advanced level class I explain what ~다가는 is, how to use it, and when you would want to use it instead of ~다가.

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Yamaha Guitar for Sell

Wed, 2021-04-14 09:54
Classified Ad Type: Location: Neighborhood: Around Pukyong and Kyungsung University Contact person by email

Hello guys,

I want to sell my guitar (acoustic electric guitar) Yamaha FX-340CF TBS

The price: KRW 150,000 or best offer 

The soft-case guitar is included 

If you are interested we can meet around Pukyong National University or Kyungsung University on the weekend.

Text me in: 010-3409-0511

KakaoId: bmaldi91 

Thank you ^_^


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Experienced English Teacher with D-10 visa looking for part-time job

Wed, 2021-04-14 06:50
Classified Ad Type: Location: Neighborhood: BusanContact person by email

I am currently available for part time teaching job within Busan. Elementary, Middle, High school and University students. 

I speak Korean fluently too so teaching and understanding becomes very easy. Send me a message and I will reply with my CV for your reference. 

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