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Liz and Randy - First Stream

Webcast Academy - Sat, 2006-08-19 15:18

Hi everyone...

Liz and I successfully streamed in Sandbox A. We briefly discussed an article in School CIO titled Six Mobile Breakthroughs.

Download MP 3 (5.4 MB, 5:54)

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Heading offline for a while

Webcast Academy - Sat, 2006-08-19 04:38

Hello all,

   Just wanted to let everyone know that I'll be (mostly) offline for the next couple of weeks - we leave for Korea in a few hours. If any interns would like to host a workshop or schedule 'sandbox playtime', please do so.  Just click 'create content'/ event.  When you post an event, the default timezone is GMT, but you can choose any timezone you like.  That timezone will be the one shown to all visitors.  To avoid confusion, I very much suggest including a link to a timeanddate.com world times page, like this -
Workshop #SomethingA - Sunday, Sept. 3, 4pmGMT (global times).

You can also send a newsletter to all interns by clicking 'create content'/ newsletter and choose 'webcast academy intern newsletter'.

May the streaming force be with you and I will very much look forward to connecting upon return.

Anyong for now,

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Interview about Volunteer Work in South Africa

Webcast Academy - Sat, 2006-08-19 00:23

I thought I would post a brief interview that involved recording both ends of a Skype conversation. It finally turned out to be quite easy, requiring nothing more than setting Audio Hijack Pro to the Skype application and clicking record.

What I was most pleased about was the complete lack of latency. I did not hear any feedback or echo of myself in the headset. Another important feature for me was the quality of the recording with an iSight camera (firewire), as this is what we will use in our Mac lab for the Japanese students. Also the ease of use makes it possible to set up as a class assignment.

Unfortuntely a Persian teacher was meeting with students in Ryan's office when I called -- it is a little disurbing and for a recording that I would archive I would call back at another time. Still, it provides evidence for me that the recording will be satisfactory when other students are talking simultaneously.

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Still not managing....

Webcast Academy - Thu, 2006-08-17 06:29

Thanks very much, Plato, for answers, including screencasts.

I log into Shout Cast. (I've got the Firefor "remember pwd" function switched on. First time of trying I see it - afterwards I don't).

I go back to Simple Chat and chose MP3 and MP3Pro. I immediately get a disconnected, ERROR message.

Anything crucial in:

Encoders > MP3 Plus MP3 etc. >

Server Details
Stream archive



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Still encoders...

Webcast Academy - Wed, 2006-08-16 10:12

I've checked my settings, but I still get ERROR when I log in to the sandpit and right click with START within SIMPLE CAST. I did a screenshot of the message I received, but I can't get this interface to accept it.

No. Just tried again. Ctrl + V doesn't function, and neither will paste.

In SIMPLE CAST - WHICH plugin must I choose:

Legacy MPs
Ogg ?


Still determined to make it!

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Questions about Podcast for Teachers and Nicecast for Interns

Webcast Academy - Wed, 2006-08-16 02:43

Couple of things.

Caught the Podcast411 interview with Dr. Kathy King. Has she ever been a guest at EdTechTalk? She mentioned the Podcast for Teachers and iLearnRadio.org. Anyone had experience with these podcasts? I'll have to check them out.

Also, I wanted to try to record a screencast of the new Skype Conference Recorder for Mac from Ecamm. Tried last week with Cheryl, but had a couple snafus. Anyone up for a brief Skypecast, let me know.

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Utilizing Skills (to come)

Webcast Academy - Mon, 2006-08-14 21:12

I have been asked now by a Japanese Faculty to set up the language lab to record Skype conversations between students here and in Japan. This adds a very important interactive feature to our oral proficiency assessment. Thanks to the Webcast academy for the confidence to say 'yes, we can do that!' Of course, now I really do have to complete this first assignment.


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Webcast Academy - Mon, 2006-08-14 12:27

Just tried all the encoders available within Simple Cast Encoder. They all tried, but non managed to open up.

I'd think this is probably just a configuration problem.

Can any PC interns who have been successful, give me a check loist?


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Getting closer to streaming all the time....

Webcast Academy - Mon, 2006-08-14 11:42

Simple Cast Encoder

I see there are 4 encoders possible:

MP3 plus (?)


1. Which is the encoder to use? (PC - Simple streaming, no UBS micro - that comes next.)
2. Are there any other essential bits of configuration necessary within Simple Cast Encoder to enure that everything works?

Looking forward to streaming into the sand box very shortly.


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Working with Nicecast/skype/Sandbox

Webcast Academy - Sun, 2006-08-13 21:22

This is an all in one reflection about Nicecast, hijacking, archiving,master gain, using a microphone.
On Sunday with lots of help from Alice and Jeff I was able to webcast in Sandbox B.
Nicecast is a free software, great to use as long as you don't go over 20 minutes. After the 20 min. you get white noise. Also, Nicecast on my older G3 ibook would skip with the stream, the hard drive was just too full and too old. So, today I migrated over to my new Macbook, with dual intel processor. However, Nicecast has some settings that need to be selected, checked and rechecked.
Thanks to Alice for her coaching. Please see Alice's hints for nice cast set up.

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Class of 1.2, Workshop#3a

Webcast Academy - Sun, 2006-08-13 20:42

Class of 1.2, Workshop#3a
Hosting, interviewing, & show management skills

August 13, 2006
Download mp3
(20.4MB, 44:36)

Chat Transcript Below
New Screencast - Using the Webcast Academy Sandbox

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Towards streaming

Webcast Academy - Sun, 2006-08-13 19:01

PC. Everything configured for simple streaming. Using Simplecast. Log into sandbox.


1. "Server down". Does that mean server not working, or server free?????

2. If server is free: WHAT NEXT? Where does one start streaming.
There is a START button on Simplecast. Start there? Ican't see any "start" in sandbox.

It seems to me Simplecast's counter start rolling even if there is no sandbox connection.

3. How can one tell if one has really streamed?


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Terrorism and it's aftermath

Webcast Academy - Sun, 2006-08-13 15:00

I haven't written much here because I have other blogs that I post to. But today, while waiting for the session to begin, I thought I would post.

One of the things that has fallen out from this weeks terrorists arrests in UK, is that apparently, laptops are no longer going to be allowed as carry-on luggage on airlines.

I have no idea how many teachers this is going to affect, but I think it is a great candidate for a major change in how business deals with information and data. If your laptop has ever had an opportunity to view films of airline baggage handlers tossing bags through the air into the hold of the plane, it will surely close it's top and go into hybernation when it finds out that in the future it too, will be in that load of baggage tossed through the air. It's possible that the outcome of such events will be that laptops will be built that are much more sturdy than what we see on the market now...and of course, at least in the early stages those will likely be heavier and bulkier...just the opposite of where things were headed.

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Using Nicecast on a Mac

Webcast Academy - Sat, 2006-08-12 15:39

The Digital Chalkies and I tried broadcasting on the Sanbox Channels. It worked pretty well!

Things that worked:

We did not use Audacity at this time

Whenever you open Nicecast, you need to check your settings. Often the default settings appear even after you have reset them


Source: Choose Audio Device: Choose your Mic.
Info: Name: Put in the name of your Broadcast
Preset: Custom
Bitrate: 64 Kbps
Sample Rate: 44.100 Khz
Channels: Stereo
Cpu Usage/Quality: Least (up 2 notches)

Go to Window: Show Server
I used Sandbox B so the name I chose is SandBox B

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Audacity , Skype and audio settings

Webcast Academy - Fri, 2006-08-11 08:36

After a lot of time fidddling with audio settings, I want to share my experience.

I use Skype, Audacity and a Logitech camera.
My micro is a USB.


edit | preferences | PLAYBACK: Microsoft soundmapper
RECORD:Realtek MC97 Audio (My sound card, I guess).



Tools| Options | Adjust sound devices |AUDIO IN Realtek


LOGITECH QUICK CAM Camera settings | audio | Primary audio capture device: Realtek


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Brazilian Finally Recorded!!!

Webcast Academy - Thu, 2006-08-10 15:30
Hey, guys, I'm uploading part of our Intern Webcast today. We missed Jeff, but Brad and Doug did a wonderful job! It was a pity there were some glitches at the end. But I managed to talk to Trevor for a while in a call. Of course, crazy things are still happening... Well, during the skypecast I could record everybody, including myself,without a USB and no virtual cables. Then when I moved to a private call with Trevor, total mystery. First, Audacity recorded only me, then something happened and only Trevor was recorded, then it was my voice again. I wonder if Trevor clicked something on his end. My question: why could I record everything in the skypecast and then when I was with Trevor Audacity recorded only one end?

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Visitors, Normalizing and Digital Chalkie

Webcast Academy - Wed, 2006-08-09 18:53

LARC is giving a workshop to 14 Vietnamese educators this weekend, and I would like to bring them into the chat room for the broadcast this Sunday to let them experience the power of an interactive live broadcast. I hope this is appropriate.

I tried the order that Jeff mentioned in the last broadcast for sound editing, normalizing and then amplifying. This produced really great results in recording Spanish question prompts in Sound Studio 3, so thanks for the tip.

I enjoyed the digital chalkie broadcast, especially all the detail about preparing a school class for blogging.


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Final Audacity craziness for today

Webcast Academy - Mon, 2006-08-07 15:59

I recorded a Skype call while broadcasting using Simplecast (I think I was broadcasting) and then normalized selectively, compressed, which seems to also normalize then normalized selectively again and cut out some gaps. All suggestions and advice are welcomed and appreciated!

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More Audacity craziness

Webcast Academy - Mon, 2006-08-07 15:45

I'm still not sure I understand the difference between normalize and equalize... but here are some more efforts for your listening craziness and hopefully comments and suggestions. You can tell by the name what I did to each one. They are all from the Simplecast recording (an mp3) I forgot to click the Audacity button. Maybe that's the lesson right there... don't try to edit from the Simplecast recording.... (isn't that what we've been learning????) anyway - can you tell the difference and if you import an mp3 that was saved in Simplecast into Audacity and then save it as a mp3- are you double

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Recording in Audacity with SAM on WinXP

Webcast Academy - Sun, 2006-08-06 23:28

I broadcast on Sandbox A. I'm not really sure I was broadcasting but I heard the echo, my meters moved and I followed the old SAM screencast. I then recorded in Audacity. The attachments are -the Audacity file saved as a mp3, the Audacity saved as WAV and the stream, saved in SAM as an mp3, opened in Audacity and edited just for length and saved. I had to close the file and just click save or it wanted to save it as an Audacity file or cause me to have to export it as mp3, which would have meant saving an mp3 again as an mp3 which I thought would be a bad idea... not sure where to go with this next. Can anyone hear a difference? None of the files are edited for sound quality.

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